Here some of opensource projects i working on. More of them you can find on my GitHub.

🐘 PHP Libraries & Standalone projects


  • PHP Cryptography - New Cryptograhic library for PHP 8.x that will replace older PHP Encrypt library bellow
  • PHP Encrypt - cryptographic library to creating certificates and ciphers
  • Excel importer - Simple and extendable library for loading data from Excel files (.xlsx) into objects.

🎂 CakePHP Libraries and CakePHP based Apps


Starter Kit

  • CakePHP Starter Kit - Docker based Starter Kit for developing CakePHP applications, It contains CakePHP 4, PHP8, Redis, PostgreSQL, Minio

Meow PHP Libraries

Project homepage:


  • DI - Dependency injection container for PHP
  • Routing - Extendable Router that usses Attributes to define routes to methods
  • Hydrator - An Hydrator class that can be used for filling object from array and extracting data from objects back to arrays.

🟪 C# Libraries & Standalone projects



  • MayMeow.RPG - (Example application) RPG made with .NET core can be used as reference for relations and other functionalities on of .ASP net