Ok first thigs first. GitLab is great piece of service. You will have all things you need for software development under one roof. Anyway this is good for groups of people and if you only one who acessing it it going to be owervhelming. And this is 1st main reason (and maybe the only one).

As years goes (i hosting it for 5 years) they adding new features each month, but on the otherside it’s need more and more resources. (when i started with it it runs on 1 GB ram) and now bare minimum is 8GB (and that’s it price of 40 eur droplet on digital ocean)…

If you selfhosting thing it is not just run and forget. You need to monitor it, making backups. The latter one is another hard to solve for one person. Not about you dont know how but where do you store those all backups. I keeping only 7 backups in a row (backing up daily) and this is more than 500GB space just for backups. Ok most of services you need to check only when updating but you have to keep in mind “What If?”, “Do i have disaster recovery plan?” Or you just hosing those services until first problem and then just throwing them out and start from zero? How do you monnitor/backup them? Feel free to contact me.

Tha last thing is that i just using only GIT and pages from all this things the GitLab brings to you. Nice thing on GIT is that you can create bare repo in filesystem (as forlder) and then backup it. Or sinc it to Cloud (OneDrive, Google and for those who are privacy based you can still use NextCloud). So if you dont need graphical interface you are free to use this solution.

The Pages - if you used gitlab or github you know how elegant is solution just push to repo and it doing all that things (build, upload …) for you. You can still use GitHub pages or something else. Or Build an push manually to s3 storage. I am personally tired conbination of CloudFlare (for HTTPS) and Microsoft’s azure object sotrage. I found some people are telling about privacy and they want to host their own data… Think yourself: what privacy we are talking here? Pages are public on internet so do you thing only you owning your own data? What do you want to protect? Stop users against copying your blog posts? Keep doing it… cross fingers.

And yes there are another solutions which are not that resource hungry (Gitea, GoGS). But thus is another service to manage. And now if im counting it right i selfhost / manage it is around 15 services including my own email (MS365 Exchange and some at migadu which planing to move but this is idea on another blogpost), MDM, DLP, Active directory + AzureAD (my devices serve as model when i want to show customers how things works), Mastodon Instance, NextCloud and some more.

If you have more solutions and you can discus about it you can contact me on my mastodon account @[email protected].