Here are some tools I use or selfhosting.

🛠 Tools I using

I have two computers (PC & Notebook). Using both Windows and Linux, and newly i get myself an iPad.

  • Operating system - Windows 10 / Endeavour OS: In work we are in Microsoft ecosystem so my daily driver there is Windows 10, at home i use it mostly for entertainment and remote work (HyperV, RD, Visual studio for .NET core / c#). I’m new to use Linux but programming (configure environment for PHP etc.) is much easier for me than Windows. Some people tells it doesnt matter which OS you use for programming but for me it is. So i use both of them.
  • Mobile OS - iOS / Android: I am long time Android user (since version 4) but i got frustrated with gadgets connectivity and that so many features on Watches not available in our country (mainly payments) so i bougt iPhone with it’s Watches and i like them so much. Anyway i still using android because of many opensource apps and i don’t need to buy something special to build / create own apps on Android. (for apple you need Mac) PS: Apple has much little applications with ads but you have to pay for almost everything.
  • Browser - Brave: It’s chromium based, opensource and has build in AD blocker, i have it on all my devices.
  • Email - Office365 @ Work / GSuite: Like i said in work we are in MS ecosystem, i also have my personal email on 365 and using it as sandbox to learn how to configure some things. I also using GSuite but mainly because unlimited backup storage in Drive -> thinking about moving to Migadu + Selfhosting NextCloud.
  • Code Editor - VSCode: Its opensorce with many plugins. For fast edit of my projects (mostly PHP) it is good but when i need to edit more things i use PHPStorm.
  • Font - JetBrains Mono: I Like It! ❤
  • Terminal - Gnome terminal with zsh (oh-my-zsh) and Starship theme / XFCE Terminal with same configuration.
  • Image Editor - Photoshop / Gimp: Mostly when i need edit graphics i using Photoshop but it’s expensive so i trying to learn Gimp (don’t hae much time for this).
  • Api Testing - Insomnia, cURL: Using it from time to time as i mostli codding backends (PHP / c#)
  • Website - HUGO ssg - My static site generator of choice. Tried more of them but stay with this one. You just need to download only one file to start creating your site.
  • Active direcotry - Great way how to manage company computers with one click :)

Markdown Don’t know where to put this but i wanted to tell i like it so much (it was “love at first sight”). Using it on almost everything from day one. I moved out from wordpress and change my blog to static site generator Hugo. It’s much much easier for me to edit content in text editors than use Word or WYSIWYG editors. In last few year i used word mostly on reading docummentation from our company or when i help to format some documments.

🚀 Self hosting

This is whole new chapter. I started playing with sefhosting really long time ago if hosting wordpres on web provider can be called selfhosting. Then i tried to host some linux server on HyperV (this was mostly just for fun.) First app i started to selfhost seriously was GitLab in HyperV later i bought Microserver and hosted it here. As it goes bigger over time (currently one backup has over 70 GB) i moved it to Hetzner’s Server, and now i hosting it as complete solution (Git + Pages + Docker Registry) with Autoscalling Gitlab runner. As time goes there come more applications which list of some of them are lover:

  • Mastodon - Your self-hosted, globally interconnected microblogging community. Acces it here
  • Nextclod - A safe home for all your data – community-driven, free & open source
  • Minio - High Performance, Kubernetes Native Object Storage: Mostly to store my backups on site.
  • WikiJS - The most powerful and extensible open source Wiki software. Can be easily backed to git.
  • Gitlab - The complete DevOps platform. This was first app i selfhosting. I still have there all my old projects. Is backed up Daily
  • Gitlab runner - GitLab Runner is an application that works with GitLab CI/CD to run jobs in a pipeline.
  • Miniflux - Miniflux is a minimalist and opinionated feed reader.

Here are few more things i trying now:

  • RocketChat: Chat platform
  • Wallabag: This is selfhosted “Read it later” platform

🪂 My Providers of choice:

🚢 Docker

Services above running on Docker with Traefik as reverse proxy with automatic LetsEncrypt certificates for all my services. Each application is running on Linux in Docker container which i deploying with Docker compose. And this is why i choose Traefik as my proxy, it can be easylly configured to generate certificate for all my docker applications.

I own some Raspberry PIs which I mostly using for research and testing.